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Therefore™ Document Management

In today’s digital world you’re dealing with more documents than ever, so if you can’t process them quickly your business starts to slow down. When considering a document management solution you need to consider how you work and how those documents are shared internally and externally.

Digitising documents can completely revolutionise the way that your business operates, paper archives hamper productivity by making documents hard to find and even harder to share. Allowing your team access to documents at a click of a button results in much greater efficiencies that will not only be felt across your organisation but across your client base too.

Understanding your processes is key to moving you forward with a successful programme that will benefit you today but work with your plans for tomorrow. Our consultancy team will visit each of your premises learning and understanding how each of your departments work. All you need to know is that however you work, there is a solution for you.

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Therefore™ Case Management makes it easy to organise and manage groups of documents logically and intuitively, whether it’s for contract management, employee or patient records, customer files, quote management, or more.

Business Challenges:

Employees storing and managing their own files.

Difficulty accessing/finding certain information, can often be a timely process.

Information retention for legal purposes may not be effectively managed.

Documents not properly stored may lead to a lapse in data security.

Disaster recover issues, documents stored on personal drives/filing cabinets will not be backed up.

How Therefore™ technology works:

Therefore™ will capture and organise documents within a metadata-driven repository. It enables you to capture each document that enters your workplace, (no matter what format it arrives in) and organise and store it with ease.

The technology is compatible with Microsoft Office applications, ERP systems and various third-party productivity applications.

Hard copy documents will need to be scanned into the system using an MFD or desktop scanner. Electronic documents can be saved with simple drag-and-drop into the central repository for automatic storing. In each case, documents will need to be indexed with a unique identity code or read for “markers” which will help therefore™ determine where it should be stored.

Therefore document management

Therefore™ is comprised of many modules, making it scalable and adaptable for any business from SME’s to large corporations

Our document specialists will analyse the way that you work to best determine what modules of Therefore™ will work for you. We will work with you to help you introduce the document management system to your workplace, whether that be as a complete solution or as part of a phased approach.

Key benefits of Therefore™

and utilise paper and electronic information.

and react to key performance indicators.

and optimize core business processes.

your data anytime, anywhere.

information as a strategic asset.

data within a central, digital repository.

Staying ahead in a competitive marketplace requires efficient processes and the ability to use information as a strategic asset. Protect yourself from data security breaches, gain visibility into your operations, and boost productivity through flexible and intuitive information management.