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Managed Print Services

As accredited Canon partners, we understand that a managed print program doesn’t just begin and end with reducing your business expense. Our business machine specialists, will analyse the document flow throughout your entire organisation and identify suitable software solutions to support your document management program.

Evaluating Document flow


Our team will evaluate every aspect of how you work, addressing the document flow within your workplace as well as how external workers process their documents. Together, we will establish a print strategy that will work for your organisation even as your business evolves.

Providing the right machines


The formula for providing the right machine(s) for your business is simple. The audit will reveal how much print traffic is sent through each of your devices this will allow us to consolidate your print fleet and source the best machine capable of handling all of your document printing.

Managed print training


Where we add value as your managed print provider is by fully and pro-actively managing every aspect of your print environment, providing the technology, training, preventative maintenance, service support and remote monitoring. In short, we apply strategy to your print environment and give you one point of accountability for everything – from service support to billing.

The benefits of OMM Digital's Managed Print Service

Ease the burden on IT Staff

Outsource print management to free staff for more valuable tasks

Save money improve your monitoring

We analyse printing habits to find a cost effective solution

Prevent data breaches

we audit your service to identify security vulnerabilities

Reduce your carbon footprint

Better control over your print will result in less wastage.