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uniFLOW online awarded BLI 2019 buyers pick

OMM Digital's Data and Security event has kicked off in London

Canon uniFLOW online was awarded a BLI 2019 pick award as outstanding Cloud Output management Solution from the analysts at byers lab thanks to its:


  • Cloud-based architecture enables businesses to save money and simplify administration by eliminating the on-premises server from the equation.
  • Track all print activity across the entire network, regardless of the device’s make or model.
  • Granular reporting capabilities and usage controls help businesses unlock savings.
  • Secure pull printing capabilities safeguard sensitive printed information , reduce waste, and help organisations comply with privacy and document security regulations.

Canon Partners with McAfee

Canon have partnered with McAfee the device-to-cloud cybersecurity company to provide enhanced embedded protection against malware execution and tampering of firmware and applications for Multifunction Printers (MFPs). Canon customers will now receive McAfee* Embedded Control as an additional standard security feature on third generation image RUNNERADVANCE 3rd edition MFP’s once enabled.

“The typical office document workflow continues to change, and in many ways become more complex, as confidential information now has the potential to migrate from desktops to MFPs to the cloud and beyond,” Says Shinchi Yoshida, executive president and general manager, Canon USA,. Inc. “we felt it imperative to align with a company with a proven track record in the information and security industry to provide our customers with additional security features that can help alleviate some concern and open up more room for what should be top of mind in an office – productivity.”

OMM Digital’s Data and Security Event kicks off in London

OMM Digital's Data and Security event has kicked off in London

OMM Digital's Data and Security event has kicked off in London. The event in partnership with Canon aims to explore data and security issues within the workplace. The event highlights the many factors that pose a threat to data and security in todays digital world with a strong focus on business technologies.

The event is headlined by Canon experts, Gary Organ, Neil Palmer, Tim Matson and Joe Benson.

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